KemPharm uses its LAT platform technology to discover and develop prodrugs that improve one or more of the attributes of approved drugs, such as susceptibility to abuse, bioavailability and safety.

Based on this approach, we have created a portfolio of product candidates that we believe will offer significant improvements over FDA-approved and widely prescribed drugs.


Selected KemPharm Prodrug Product Candidates  

Product Candidate Parent Drug Development Status Next Milestone Potential NDA Submission


KP415 Methylphenidate (CR) Clinical Phase 3 Initiation 2018


KP201/IR Hydrocodone Clinical Phase 3 Initiation 2018 with Priority Review
KP511/ER Hydromorphone Clinical Phase 3 Initiation 2018 with Priority Review
KP606/IR Oxycodone Preclinical Preclinical Development TBD
KP746 Oxymorphone Preclinical Preclinical Development TBD

Multiple CNS Disorders

KP303 Quetiapine Preclinical Preclinical Development TBD